In this New Economic Era of Globalisation, the industry with the edge is one which has the expertise, personnel and the knowledge on novel techniques for further industrial development. With globalization and the implementation of the ASEAN Free-Trade Agreement (AFTA), the Malaysian quarrying industry needs to upgrade to cutting-edge knowledge of their workforce to stay competitive in this new era of knowledge-based economy.

It is anticipated that there will be an enormous increase in the demand of minerals by the manufacturing and construction industries, among others, for the eventual realization of Malaysia to attain Developed Nation Status by the year 2020.Sustainable Development of the quarrying sector is the aim to optimize the economic contribution derived from the industry to the well-being of the present generation and that of the future generations to meet their needs for further national development. Quality assurance is the ability of the human resources in the industry in carrying out any task efficiently based on its expertise and skills. Every personnel in the quarrying industry should thus achieve a higher level of professionalism via accumulating additional knowledge to update ones experience, skills and job proficiency with the aim to attain expert status in the personnel specialized field of interest. Knowledge is the competitive edge to successfully face the existing economic challenges of globalisation. A well developed and ample supply of skilled and competent workforce in the quarrying sector is vital to Malaysians fast track industrialization programme as it is an important component towards providing crucial technical, economic, safe and environmentally-friendly expertise towards the sustainable development of the quarrying sector. Availability of skilled human resource personnel in the minerals resource industry will further enhance the internationalization of the Malaysian quarrying via efficient use and mobility of technical expertise worldwide. With globalization, national boundaries will no longer be obstacles to the migration of the experienced Malaysia quarrying personnel overseas. This Quarry Managers Certification Course, designed on the request of the Government and quarrying industry, is accredited and aims to benefit existing and aspiring Quarry Managers via upgrading their existing expert knowledge on efficient daily site management practices. The 5 modules for Quarry Manager Certification includes: Drilling, Shot-Firing, Crushing & Screening, Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Management.


Quarry Manager's Certificate



1/2024 : 19 – 24 FEBRUARY 2024 – IQM
2/2024 :  4 – 9 MARCH 2024 – KUCHING
3/2024 :  15 – 20 JULY 2024 – IQM
4/2024 :  30 SEPTEMBER – 5 OCTOBER –IQM


a. Introductions to Explosives & Types of Explosives
b. Explosive Act & Legislation
c. Simple Blast Design
d. Shot-Firing Tools & Prosedures
e. Misfire
f.  Blast Sequence
g. Transportation, Storage & Disposal of Explosives
h. Environmental Impacts of Blasting
i.  Drilling & Geology
j.  Current Commercial Explosives & Accessories
k. Practical Demo at quarry site.





CPD Hours

: 6 days

: RM 2100 (Members)
  RM 2350 (Non Members)

: 32


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1/2024 : 27 - 29 MAY 2024 - IQM

a. Introduction of Drill and Blast Operations
b. Machine Appreciation
c. Blast Hole Drilling Equipment
d. Drilling Accessories
e. Plan and prepare for operations.
f.  Prepare for Commencement of work Operations
g. Rock Geology




CPD Hours  

: 3 days

: RM 1100 (Members)
  RM 1350 (Non Members)



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1/2024 :  23 – 25 APRIL 2024 – KOTA KINABALU
2/2024 :  4 – 6 JUNE 2024 – IQM

a. Machine and Equipment Appreciation
b. Plan Work
c. Prepare for Crushing Plant Operation
d. Operating Procedures for Crushing & Screening Plants
e. Product Quality Control
f.  Maintenance of Plant and Equipment.
g. Rock geology




CPD Hours

: 3 days

: RM 1100 (Members)
  RM 1350 (Non Members)
: 18

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1/2024 :  6 – 10 MAY 2024 – IQM
2/2024 :  1 – 5 JULY 2024 – KUCHING
3/2024 :  5 – 9 AUGUST 2024 – KOTA KINABALU
4/2024 :  25 – 29 NOVEMBER 2024 – IQM


a. OSH Awareness
b. Legislations
c. Occupational Safety & Health Management System
d. Quarry Activities vs OSH
e. Appointment of OSH Personnel
f.  Safety & Health Policy & Activities
g. Consultation, Communication and Promotion of OSH
h. Managing the Safety & Health of Contractors




CPD Hours

: 5 days

: RM 1,750.00 (Members)
  RM 1,950.00 (Non Members)
: 30


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1/2024 : 9 - 13 SEPTEMBER 2024 - IQM


1/2024 : 23 - 27 SEPTEMBER 2024 - KUCHING


a. Environmental Management System
b. The Protection and Management of Water Resources
c. Air Quality Impacts, Monitoring and Controls
d. Traffic
e. Identification, Assessment and Mitigation of Visual Impacts due to quarrying
f.  Environmental Noise
g. Biodiversity
h. Geological Conservation
i.  Waste management
j.  Energy Management
k. Recycling - Aggregates from a Sustainable Source.





CPD Hours

: 5 days

: RM 1,750 (Members)    

  RM 1,950 (Non Members)

: 30


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Training Methodology

Course methods include a combination of:

  • Lectures
  • Group Discussion
  • Presentation
  • Training Videos
  • Practical Demo at Quarry Site



A Certificate of Attendance will be presented to participants at the end of each course.

A Certificate will also be awarded to participants who have passed the written examination of each course.
After having completed the 5 modules and passed all the written examination, the Quarry Manager's Certificate will be awarded to the successful participant which will be issued by Institute of Quarrying Malaysia Bhd and endorsed by Jabatan Mineral & Geosains Malaysia. 


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