The Institute of Quarrying Malaysia or IQM was incorporated in 1989 as a Branch of the Institute of Quarrying United Kingdom which was founded in 1917.In 2002, IQM became an Affliated National Institute of The Institute of Quarrying UK allowing us to be an independent body.

The affairs of the IQM are managed by a Council comprising Four Principal Office Bearers and Five Council Members. The Council Members are elected bianually at a General Meeting of its members.

Council meetings are held once a month to formulate plans and policies. The day to day affairs of the Institute are managed by full time staff.


Terram autem fillis Hominum (in Latin) means the earth hath (God) given to the Children of men. The Motto reminds quarry Operators of their responsiblity to preserve and optimise the usage of land given by God and the need to protect the environment surrounding the land.


To promote and provide a platform to facilitate the orderly development of the quarrying and related extractive and processing industries in Malaysia and Asia Pacific Region into a more stable, professional, automated and efficient Industry. 


The main aims of IQM are as follows:

  1. To promote education and training within the Industry
  2. To establish and support educational courses in quarrying abd related extractive and processing Industries.
  3. To support advanced training for persons in technological fields related to quarry operation, development, production, organisation and management.
  4. To design and conduct courses to cater for a Certificate and Diploma Course in Quarrying and related Extractive and Processing Industries.



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